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Privacy legislation: Personal Data Protection Act (According to the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), in force since 25 May 2018).
  • 1. Explanation of the Regulations
    Pateo may not simply process the data you provide to it. Privacy legislation is intended to protect the privacy of individuals. This legislation restricts the permitted use of your personal data by others. Under this law, Pateo has the following duties to its customers:

    • to inform about the manner and purpose with which data are processed by Pateo;
    • to report who can view the data;
    • to request permission to process certain data.

    Pateo cares about your privacy. That is why Pateo provides an explanation in these Regulations of how it handles your data, what the purpose of its use is, and for the processing of which data Pateo must explicitly ask for your consent.
  • 2. The personal data that Pateo uses and the purpose of the use
    Pateo (possibly) processes your personal data if you become or are a customer of Pateo, register for receiving Pateo Newsletters, or contact us via the contact form. Pateo collects your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

    These data enable us to:

    • to be able to handle the agreement that customers conclude with Pateo financially and administratively;
    • to be able to provide our services;
    • be able to reach customers or interested parties if necessary;
    • to further develop / optimize our services.
  • 3. Provision of personal data to third parties
    Pateo does not provide personal data to persons or companies outside the Pateo organization, unless:

    • this is required by legal regulation;
    • this is necessary for the performance of an agreement that Pateo has made with you;
    • you have given permission for this.
  • 4. Duties / secure access / confidentiality / retention period
    • Pateo only processes your personal data in accordance with the law. This means (among other things) that the data will only be processed for the purpose for which they were obtained and in a proper / careful manner in accordance with the law and these Regulations.
    • your personal data can only be viewed by persons working for Pateo, unless these Regulations provide otherwise. All your personal data is protected by Pateo against unauthorized access. The security consists:
    • of having a personal password for each person working for Pateo to log into the digital system.
    • the persons working for Pateo have a duty of confidentiality with regard to all personal data provided to Pateo;
    • Pateo has taken technical measures to protect the system it uses against external violations in accordance with the law;
    • your personal data will not be kept longer than is necessary for proper administration. Pateo applies a period of three years after the last purchase / order / invoice, after which the data will be destroyed. The law may prescribe a different retention period. If so, Pateo will adhere to the prescribed legal retention period.
  • 5. Your rights as a data subject
    • right to information: the right to know whether and which of your personal data are being processed and for what purpose;
    • right of inspection: the right to inspect and copy those data insofar as this does not harm the privacy of another person;
    • the right to correction, addition or deletion of data if necessary (right to correction and deletion). The right to request (partial) deletion of your data can only be fulfilled if the retention of the data is not of considerable importance to someone else and the data must not be retained on the basis of legal regulations;
    • the right to object: the right to object to the processing of your data in certain cases;
    • the right to data portability: the right to receive the personal data that is stored about you in order to be able to transfer it to another organization;
    • the right to a human view of automated decisions. With an automated decision, there is the right to have the decision taken by human intervention.
If you want to exercise your rights, you can indicate this in an email message to be sent to If your request is rejected, the reason for this will be explained to you. One reason may be that your file contains information that is or may be of interest to others. You will receive a message from Pateo within one month after receiving your request.

Even if you have a complaint about the method of processing your personal data, you can contact Pateo, and Pateo will try to find a solution with you.

Do you have a (other) comment / question / suggestion? You can also contact us in writing for this. Naturally, Pateo will also treat the personal data provided in this context confidentially and handle it with care.

Our current contact details can be found on the website.

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Wholly Science - Johan Oldenkamp

© 2002 – 2021 - - Wholly Science - Johan Oldenkamp