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Why Wholly Science

In the Middle Ages, commoflat_earthn man believed that they lived on a flat disk. A ship that would get too close to the edge, would fall off, most people believed in those days. At that time, anyone who claimed that it was quite impossible to fall off of it, was considered completely mad. However, nowadays we know that our home planet is not at all a flat disk, but instead a sphere, of which no one can ever fall off.

Ptolemy_ModelNext, common man believed that our planet (named Terra) was at the center (of the universe), and that all other planets and also the sun (named Helios) orbited around Terra. That Terra-centered belief system became later known as the Ptolemaic system. At that time, anyone who claimed that Terra was not in the center, was considered a dangerous heretic. However, nowadays we know that it is definitely not our planet Terra which is in the center of our solar system, but instead the sun Helios.

For over three centuries now, common man believes that it is gravity that keeps Terra in her orbit around Helios. Anyone who dares to question this 17th-century assumption, is considered completely mad by the ignorant majority. Those who want to maintain the current scientific status quo, even consider such a whistle blower to be a dangerous heretic. However, the scientific truth is that is not at all gravity that keeps our solar system together, but instead electricity.

ElectricUniverseWholly Science proofs that gravity is an effect, and most certainly not a cause. As university “science” has become more and more a belief system, called scientism, due to being corrupted by money, the theories nowadays offered by scientism are in almost all cased biased, and in several cases even downright wrong.

The purpose of Wholly Science is to free Science from error and corruption, and the reunify it with true Spirituality. Wholly Science is founded by Johan Oldenkamp. His multilingual website is Pateo.nl.