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Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation

UnderstandingTheProcessOfCreationWholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation

3rd Edition (January 16th, 2012), ISBN 978-94-90765-10-1, 116 pages

Science without spirituality is dead and without soul. The universities offer us nothing but dead and soulless theories. Spirituality without science is fantasy and ungrounded. The churches offer us nothing but ungrounded fairy tales. Wholly Science shows that grounded spirituality is the beating heart of a living science. Wholly Science enables us to understand the process of creation. By mastering creation, humanity will rise up to the level of God. That final step in the development of human consciousness is called the Apotheoses. Wholly Science starts by explaining the scientific meaning of the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, entitled ‘The Creation’.

The author of this book is Johan Oldenkamp. His multilingual website is Pateo.nl.

This book was also available as hard copy via Piramidions: 4th Edition (October 2012), ISBN 978-94-91-43906-3, 110 pages. However, it is now sold out.

Go to Pateo.nl for more information.