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Wholly Science Papers

WhollySciencePapersWholly Science.org offers you both the PateoPedia Papers and the Pateo Academia Papers  :

PateoPedia Papers :

  1. Sumerian Picture of Tiamat (pdf of 3 pages)
  2. Symbolism on the $1 Bill (pdf of 4 pages)
  3. Moon Landing Hoax Exposed (pdf of 5 pages)
  4. Electricity and Magnetism (pdf of 5 pages; still under construction)
  5. Origin of Matter (pdf of 4 pages; still under construction)
  6. Changing Constants (pdf of 1 page)
  7. Why Santa is white (pdf of 2 pages)
  8. Seven Years Cycle (pdf of 2 pages)
  9. Covert Invasion (pdf of 2 pages)

Pateo Academia Papers :

  • 3D Cosmology (on the 3D dynamics in the universe): link
  • Astrotheology and how to know thyself: link
  • Introduction to Astrotheology: link
  • Introduction to Numerology (also on the meaning of the Great Seal of the US): link
  • Numerology of the Birthdate (on the meaning of birthdate ciphers): link
  • Magic Squares: link