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What is Wholly Science?


Wholly Science is the Wholesome Reunion of Sane Science and Sound Spirituality.

  • University “science” is mostly an insane belief system named scientism.
  • Religious “spirituality” is mostly an unsound and indoctrinating control system.
  • Science without Spirituality is uninspired and exanimate.
  • Spirituality without Science is fantasy and ungrounded.

Wholly Science is founded by Johan Oldenkamp. His multilingual website is Pateo.nl, next to Wholly Science.org.

Wholly Science offers timeless and universal explanations for the whole of it all. Wholly Science explains and integrates the true wisdom of all ancient mystical scriptures with all modern-day understanding that is pure. Wholly Science offers solid explanations to all phenomena, both natural and man-made.

The backbone of Wholly Science is made up of the Seven Liberating Arts of ancient Greece:

  • Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric (together known as the Trivium: how to get basic understanding of reality: link)
  • Arithmetic, Geometry, Harmonics, and Cosmology (together known as the Quadrivium: how to get advanced understanding of reality)

Wholly Science reunifies:

  • Terrestrial & Celestial
  • natural & supernatural
  • normal & paranormal
  • physics & metaphysics
  • chemistry & alchemy
  • astronomy & astrology
  • mathematics & numerology
  • Mysticism & Empiricism.

Wholly Science connects:

  • left & right hemisphere
  • knowing & feeling
  • mind & heart
  • Love & Wisdom
  • Masculine & Feminine
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • classic & modern
  • public & occult
  • exoteric & esoteric
  • West & East.

Wholly Science is grounded on just two basic rules:

  1. The explanation with the broadest scope or the greatest applicability is the most Wholly.
  2. The simplest explanation is the most scientific (Science).

Understanding the outer world starts with understanding the inner world. Wholly Science includes seven methods for increasing self-knowledge:

  • Life Path Numerology,
  • Humourology,
  • Personality Types (Enneagram plus Ayurvedic Gematria),
  • Solar Year Astrology (“Western Astrology”) [calculator],
  • Lunar Year Astrology (“Chinese Astrology”) [calculator],
  • Stellar Year Astrology (Nine Star Ki or “Japanese Astrology”) [calculator], and
  • Galactic Day Astrology (Tzol’kin or “Mayan Astrology”) [calculator].

Wholly Science also includes all pure scientific findings and all true spiritual insights from:

  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Astronomy, Archaeology
  • Psychology, Philosophy, Theology, Sociology, Anthropology, Etymology, Endocrinology
  • Vortex-based Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Fibonacci Sequence, Khemitian Sequence (“Lucas numbers”), Cymatics
  • Taoism, Sufism, Qabalah, Gnosis, Tantra, and all more or less contaminated religions
  • all calendar systems (including all time-related concepts)
  • all health fostering practices (such as German New Medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, dietetics, and Martial Arts)

Wholly_Science_Synonyms_CircleWholly Science is by definition pure and true. Other names to describe Wholly Science are:

  • Omni Science
  • Universal Science
  • Cosmic Science
  • Wholistic Science
  • Healing Science
  • Gnostic Science
  • Alchemic Science
  • Hermetic Science
  • Sacred Science (or Holy Science)
  • Exact Science (or Veritable Science)
  • Logical Science (or Ortho Science)
  • Systemic Science
  • Natural Science
  • Aethernal Science (or Ancient Science & Future Science)
  • Conscious Science (or Liberating Science)
  • Spiritual Science


The best way to study Wholly Science is to follow the online video course on Wholly Science.