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Understanding Nature – The Quest for Free Energy

UnderstandingNatureUnderstanding Nature – The Quest for Free Energy

2nd Edition (March 11th, 2010), ISBN 978-90-813871-01-9, 48 pages

Everything in nature has a rhythm. Nature is constantly dancing, on all levels. To fully understand this, we need a new scientific paradigm. The old paradigm beliefs that energy originates from matter. The new paradigm shows us that matter originates from energy.

Understanding Nature applies this new scientific paradigm to explain the essence of nature. It shows simple solutions for all the problems of the old science. However, this new science is not so new at all, since it brings us right back to the legacy of Pythagoras.

Understanding Nature explains how to solve all mayor planetary problems (such as poverty, violence and pollution). Since governments and universities are not able to do all this (in fact, they only make it worse), we better do it our selves. Everybody can understand and apply the fundamental insights of this new science. In short, it shows us the way to ultimate empowerment.

The author of this book is Johan Oldenkamp. His multilingual website is Pateo.nl.

Go to Pateo.nl for more information.