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The Quintessence in Nikola Tesla’s own Words

In 1899, Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) had a revealing interview in his former laboratory in Colorado Springs (USA) with a journalist of the magazine “Immortality” named John Smith, in which Tesla explained, among other things, why the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) is wrong. For more then a century, it was the most suppressed interview with Tesla. In about 2011, it was rediscovered, and it became ever since republished on an increasing number of websites. Simply search the Internet with “Nikola Tesla interview 1899”, and you will find many of these publications.

However, there are two major problems with this interview text, which is nowadays so abundant on the Internet. First of all, the widely copied text in the English language is full of errors, as a result from the automatic translation from the text in the Serbian language, which was Tesla’s mother tongue. Secondly, without in dept understanding of Tesla’s way of thinking, this interview is not much of a help at all, even if you read the Serbian text. That is why Johan Oldenkamp added explanations to the answers given by Tesla, and he also edited Tesla’s answers where necessary in meaningful and correct English, provided with extra information. After doing this, it became clear that the 43-years old Nikola Tesla had given extremely important answers, as you can read here for yourself.

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