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Johan Oldenkamp on Building our Houses on Rock

On Saturday afternoon, September 19th, 2015, Johan Oldenkamp was interviewed at the Open Mind Conference in the Danish capital Copenhagen. In this interview, Johan explains what the Biblical parable of Building our Houses on Rock really means. (more…)

Wholly Scripture TV : 5. Nomo

05_whollyscripturetv_nomoIn the video series of Wholly Scripture TV, Johan Oldenkamp presents the true meaning of various texts from the ancient writings commonly known as the “Holy Scripture.” Based on his understanding of Wholly Science, he is able to not only show the original wording, but also its Wholly meaning.

In this fifth episode of Wholly Scripture TV, recorded at Sunday, October 30, 2016, the truth about “Nomo” is revealed, which is a Greek word meaning “Law”. If you want your name to be written in the Book of the Living, then you must keep The Law, meaning the Ten Commandments. This fifth episode of Wholly Scripture TV explains the true meaning of each of these ten crucial precepts. (more…)

Truth Frequency Radio with Johan Oldenkamp

TFR_WhollyScienceOn Saturday night March 5, 2016 (from about 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time), Chris and Cheree Geo of Truth Frequency Radio (TFR) live interviewed Johan Oldenkamp, PhD, the founder of Wholly Science. Wholly Science is the reunification of sane Science and solid Spirituality. In this interview, Johan explained, among other things, scientism, several New Testament parables, the origin of the Islam, Black Goo, the true essence of the Spirit and the Soul, and the first five of the original Ten Commandments. (more…)

Video Interview with Johan Oldenkamp

Johan Oldenkamp (gezicht)


On Saturday September 19, 2015, Johan Oldenkamp gave a two hour lecture at the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the Original Ten Commandments. Afterwards, he was interviewed by Gaia TV with respect to the contents of this very well received lecture: (more…)

The Original Ten Commandments

Original10CommandmentsDue to translation errors, ignorance, and even malevolence, not all wordings in the contemporary Old Testament of the Bible (or the Tanach) are correct. However, based on his understanding of Wholly Science, Johan Oldenkamp has, in several cases, been able to restore the original meaning of these ancient writings. In the lecture that he gave at the Open Mind Conference in the Danish capital Copenhagen on Saturday morning, September 19th, 2015, he revealed the original meaning of both The Creation and The Ten Commandments. Their genuine meaning has nothing to do with believing, as these ancient writings were meant to develop our scientific understanding of the True Nature of this reality. (more…)