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About Johan Oldenkamp

Johan_Oldenkamp (staand)Dr. Johan H. Oldenkamp was a professor of knowledge transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship at the Stenden Univerisity. In the autumn of 2008, he consciously resigned that appointment, in order to devote all his time, energy and savings to the further development of Wholly Science. Since then, he lives (by his own choice) without income from a job or unemployment benefit. Before his professorship, Johan worked as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Groningen, as a member of the scientific staff of the Dutch Telematics Institute, as a management consultant at Ernst & Young Consulting (and its successors), as a freelance trainer, teacher, consultant, and coach, and also as a martial arts teacher. Johan graduated in cognitive psychology. Next, he completed a postgraduate education in knowledge engineering, and he got a PhD for researching how to combine artificial intelligence heuristics with operations research algorithms. (more…)

The Scale of the Electron – Explaining the Atomic Dynamics

ScelthThe Scale of the Electron – Explaining the Atomic Dynamics

4th Edition (June 2nd, 2012), ISBN 978-94-90765-11-8, 40 pages

The Scale of the Electron describes the Scaled Electrons Theory, abbreviated as Scelth. This theory explains that each coupled pair of electrons form a stable unit that perfectly fits into the space of each building block of the double pyramid structure of the electrons. The fact that this structure is not a single, but a double pyramid is the second explanation offered by Scelth. In that structure, the bottom pyramid is a mirror image of the top one. The (2D) Periodic Table of the Elements does not look natural at all. The (3D) Periodic Octahedron of the Elements presented in this book makes this natural logic crystal clear. This three-dimensional ordering is abbreviated as the ‘PeriOcta’.