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Pateo TV #01: The Clock of Giza

TheClockOfGizaIn this first live online broadcast of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp explained once more the Clock of Giza. In 2011, he discovered this “clock” that lies as a hidden circle on the Giza plateau near the Egyptian capital Cairo, as described in the paper “Solving the Gizeh Puzzle“. About a year later, he corrected his understanding of the transition from the Iron Age to the Golden Age on this Clock of Giza, as explained in the paper “The Clock of Giza“.

The Clock of Giza shows the time in third temporal dimension. Plato referred to this third dimension of time as the Great Year. It is also known as the axial precession, or the precession of the equinoxes. In this first episode of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp explained that this third dimension of time is caused by the energetic dance of our sun Helios with the stars of the Sirius solar system. (more…)

Pateo TV #08: True Human History

True_Human_HistoryAccording to the Sumerian Gilgamesh Epic, there once was a huge flood. Allegedly, Ziusudra, hero of that ancient story – also known as Noah in the Book of Genesis – managed to survive this so-called deluge. Was this actually a historic event? And if so, then when did it happen exactly? Furthermore, Plato from ancient Greece wrote about the fall of Atlantis. Again, was this truly an historic event? And then, if so, when did it happen? (more…)

Ancient Mapping of Antarctica

AntarcticaOfficially, the continent of Antarctica was discovered in 1818. This continent, which is larger than Australia, covers an area of 14 million square kilometers (or 5.4 million square miles). With an average elevation of more than 2,000 meters (or 6,500 feet), Antarctica is by far the highest continent. As Antarctica lies completely covered by a huge sheet of both land and sea ice, it was quite a difficult task to compose an accurate map of this continent. However, three centuries before Antarctica was allegedly discovered, both a French mathematician and a Turkish admiral produced a remarkably correct map of Antarctica. How was this possible, as this “unkown” continent is covered with ice for at least 6000 years? (more…)

First Lecture Series Explaining Wholly Science

Video_20110831Wholly Science combines the remarkable findings of modern science with the profound wisdom of ancient science. In the series of lectures shown below, Johan Oldenkamp explains the basics of Wholly Science. This series consists of seven parts: Part 1: Plato Revisited, Part 2: Forbidden Apple of Knowledge, Part 3: Dynamics of Time, Part 4: Mayan Calendars, Part 5: Nine Waves of Creation, Part 6: Source Code, and Part 7: Wholly Science. This first series on Wholly Science in English was recorded in the Dutch city of Oosterbeek, on August 31, 2011, by the team of Pateo Media International. (more…)

Lecture on Removing the Veil

Video_20130426Is there more to the world than the physical reality? In order to answer this question, this video presentation starts with Plato’s famous allegory of the cave. In this allegory, the shadows on the cave wall represent the reality of the physical manifestation. That is the world of matter. It is the third and outer ring of the whole of reality.

In this presentation, all-round scientist Johan Oldenkamp presents the essence of all three rings of reality. By doing so, he shows how Wholly Science removes the veil that blocks our understanding of the Whole of Everything. (more…)