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Tom Bearden explaining Radionics

RadionicsAt the 1990 conference of the Psychotronics Association in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Tom Bearden (1930) delivered an in-depth presentation on Radionics, which he described as “action at a distance”. In order to explain Radionics, Bearden discussed in his presentation, among many other essential subjects, scalar waves and the quantum potential. The video embedded below is a must-see for anyone who really wants to understand Physics. Bearden also refered to the work of several well-known sane physicists, like E.T. Whittaker (1873 – 1956) and David Bohm (1917 – 1992). (more…)

Video Interview with Kelvin Abraham on Tetryonics

TetryonicsWholly Science shows that physics and metaphysics are two sides of the same coin. Where Johan H. Oldenkamp started from metaphysics and worked his way towards physics, the Australian researcher Kelvin C. Abraham followed the opposite approach. After eight years of intensive research, Kelvin was able to develop a geometric model of the physical reality at its most fundamental level. This model not only explains all known characteristics of all known subatomic particles, as well as all atomic elements, its also enables us to correct several mistakes of contemporary university physics in general and quantum mechanics in particular. Key to this model are the two-dimensional equilateral triangle and the three-dimensional tetrahedron. Kelvin therefore named it ‘Tetryonics’. (more…)

Lecture on the Nature of Nature

Video_20130120The purpose of science is to provide explanations. Scientific progress results in an increase of explanatory strength, explanatory simplicity, or both at the same time. Nearly all academic theories, however, offer us mere descriptions instead of genuine explanations. The purpose of Wholly Science is to (re)discover these genuine explanations. To do so, Wholly Science transcends the limitations and errors of the academic theories by correcting the underlying assumptions.

Wholly Science combines physics and metaphysics, chemistry and alchemy, and astronomy and astrology. It integrates all mystical writings from ancient times with all experimental findings of our modern days. (more…)

Integrated Knowledge Domains

WhollySciencePillarsWholly Science integrated the following knowledge domains, alphabetically ordered:

Anthropology, Archaeology, Arithmetic, Astronomy, Ayurveda, Biology, Calendar systems, Chemistry, Cosmic Year Astrology (“Chinese Astrology”), Cosmology, Cymatics, Dietetics, Endocrinology, Enneagram, Etymology, Gematria, Geometry, Geometry, German New Medicine, Gnosis, Grammar, Harmonics, Herbal Medicine, Logic, Magic Squares, Martial Arts, Mathematics, Nine Star Ki Astrology (“Japanese Astrology”), Numerology, Philosophy, Physics, Planetary Astrology (“Western Astrology”), Psychology, Qabalah, Rhetoric, Sociology, Sufism, Tantra, Taoism, Theology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tzol’kin Astrology (“Mayan Astrology”)