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Pateo TV on the Origin of The Scripture

When and where were the world-famous writings of The Scripture written down, and in which language? The historical truth concerning these essential questions differs strongly from the generally accepted answers by all so-called “experts”. In this 45th episode of Pateo TV, Johan Oldenkamp, professor of theology at the Pateo Academia for Wholly Science (PAWS), exposes several clear cases of historical falsification by mainstream “scholars” via examining genuine evidence from the corresponding time periods and locations. In fact, both religion and scientism have teamed up in order to conceal the truth about the origin of The Scripture. (more…)

Wholly Scripture TV : 4. Pistis

04_whollyscripturetv_pistisIn the video series of Wholly Scripture TV, Johan Oldenkamp presents the true meaning of various texts from the ancient writings commonly known as the “Holy Scripture”. Based on his understanding of Wholly Science, he is able to not only show the original wording, but also its Wholly meaning.

In this fourth episode of Wholly Scripture TV, recorded at October 26, 2016, the truth about Pistis is revealed, in relation to Sophia. Both Greek words were also the names of two goddesses of the Gnostics, Pistis being the goddess of Faith, and Sophia being the goddess of Wisdom. This fourth episode of Wholly Scripture TV proves the Gnostic origin of Christianity. (more…)

The True Origins of Christmas

NicholasOn Monday evening December 14, 2015, former club and radio DJ Mark Devlin (1972) interviewed for his podcast named Good Vibrations Johan Oldenkamp on the true meaning of the feast that is commonly named “Christmas”. This is the text that Mark wrote to announce this Volume 74 of his potcast series: “A timely edition, as Dutch researcher and radio and TV host Johan Oldenkamp guests to discuss the myths, symbology and spiritual science behind the festival we know today as Christmas.

Johan reveals how the event represents a mixed bag of influences from European traditions, primarily anchored in the Winter Solstice. This was a time of worship for the ‘rebirth’ of the Sun, and led to the religious figures of Mithra, Horus, and most recently, Jesus, with the Sun/ Son of God having a double-meaning. The Roman Catholic church brought in Christianity to replace the Pagan traditions, keeping the dates the same to ease the transition. ‘Christmas’ also tied in with the popular Roman festival of Saturnalia. (more…)

Pateo TV #11: The Sirius Connection

TheSiriusConnectionThe star Sirius is the brightest star of the night sky. In several mythologies, she is personified as the mother of the central star in our solar system. Not only has Sirius a tiny accompanying star, also the Sirius solar system and our solar system are energetically connected. When mother Sirius and her son Helios are closest together, it is the middle of the so-called Golden Age. On the other hand, when both stars are furthest apart, it is the middle of the so-called Iron Age.

The sunlight we receive from Helios, who is our Father who art in Heaven, is actually fed by Sirius. That is why the general consciousness of humanity is much greater when Sirius is relatively close to our solar system. In this eleventh episode of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp fully explains the celestial dynamics between Helios and Sirius, and how this affects us.  (more…)

Wholly Science Papers

WhollySciencePapersWholly Science.org offers you both the PateoPedia Papers and the Pateo Academia Papers  :