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Pateo TV #08: True Human History

True_Human_HistoryAccording to the Sumerian Gilgamesh Epic, there once was a huge flood. Allegedly, Ziusudra, hero of that ancient story – also known as Noah in the Book of Genesis – managed to survive this so-called deluge. Was this actually a historic event? And if so, then when did it happen exactly? Furthermore, Plato from ancient Greece wrote about the fall of Atlantis. Again, was this truly an historic event? And then, if so, when did it happen? (more…)

The Tiamat Theory – On the True Human History

TheTiamatTheorryThe Tiamat Theory – On the True Human History

1st Digital Edition (April 16th, 2015), ISBN 978-94-90765-14-9, 93 pages, packed with full-color illustrations

Dr. Johan Oldenkamp’s Tiamat Theory is the only unbiased evidence-based approach for discovering the truth about the history of human beings on our home planet.

His previous book, titled ‘Wholly Science; On understanding it all’, provides the scientific bases for this Tiamat Theory. (more…)