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Pateo TV #12: Electric Universe

ElectricUniverseThat which the universities dare to refer to as “science” is in reality contrived, unnatural, dead, soulless, anti-spiritual, and most certainly unholy (or unwholly). For more then a century, several Wholly Science Wayshowers are warning humanity for the destructive consequences of working against the principles of nature. Two of them were Walter Bowman Russell (1871 – 1963), from the east coast of the USA, and Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) from Austria, in the heart of Europe. Both scientists understood the electric essence of all life, from the macrocosm to the microcosm.

In this twelfth episode of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp and co-host Robert Otey explained both Russell’s and Schauberger’s approach to fully understand nature. Robert’s website is FE and FT.com, which stand for Free Energy and Free Thinking. Based on their own understanding, both Robert and Johan also separated scientific truth from ungrounded fiction. (more…)

Pateo Radio with Robert Otey

Pateo_RadioBroadcast of January 21, 2014: Free Energy and Free Thinking

The special guest for this broadcast of Pateo Radio was Robert Arnett Otey. The website of Robert is “FE and FT.com” (link), which is the abbreviation of “Free Energy and Free Thinking”. This is also the title of his book of 1200 pages (link). He wrote this book in 2002 after ten years of researching alternative science in general and Russellian Science in particular. Together with Matt Presti, Robert also has the website The Secret of Light.com (link). Next to being a scholar, Robert is also the foreman of an Arabian Horse Ranch. In this episode of the Pateo Radio talk show, Robert and host Johan Oldenkamp talked about the electric nature of our universe, among many other subjects as well. (more…)

Why Wholly Science

In the Middle Ages, commoflat_earthn man believed that they lived on a flat disk. A ship that would get too close to the edge, would fall off, most people believed in those days. At that time, anyone who claimed that it was quite impossible to fall off of it, was considered completely mad. However, nowadays we know that our home planet is not at all a flat disk, but instead a sphere, of which no one can ever fall off.

Ptolemy_ModelNext, common man believed that our planet (named Terra) was at the center (of the universe), and that all other planets and also the sun (named Helios) orbited around Terra. That Terra-centered belief system became later known as the Ptolemaic system. At that time, anyone who claimed that Terra was not in the center, was considered a dangerous heretic. However, nowadays we know that it is definitely not our planet Terra which is in the center of our solar system, but instead the sun Helios. (more…)