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Flat Earth Theory? Flat Out Silliness!

Flat_Earth_SillinessApparently, the Flat Earth Theory has become remarkably popular amongst “truth” seekers. In episode 13 of the live broadcast internet television show named Pateo TV, host and all-round researcher Dr. Johan Oldenkamp presented irrefutable facts that fully falsify this utterly silly Flat Earth Theory, which has in fact become a religion of gullible followers. The video that is embedded below shows an extract of this 2-hours live broadcast of September 3, 2015, in which these facts were presented. (more…)

Video Interview with Judyth Baker on Lee Harvey Oswald

PateoTVi_BakerVideo Interview of December 10, 2015, with Judyth Baker on Lee Harvey Oswald

Judyth Vary Baker (1943) was the girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald (1939) from April 1963 until November 24, 1963, when he was allegedly shot by Jack Ruby, whose official name was Jacob Leon Rubenstein (1911 – 1967). Judyth was a promising 19-years-old science student who dreamed of finding a cure for cancer when she met the 24-years-old Lee. Although Lee was married (since 1961 with Marina Prusakov from Russia) and was father of a baby girl (June), he had several girl friends. Judyth knew this, and she also knew that Lee was a deep-cover Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent. Next, Judyth got involved in the development of a biological weapon that Lee was to smuggle into Cuba in order to eliminate Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (1926), better known as Fidel Castro. After this assignment was later on cancelled, Lee was reassigned to the production of the staged shooting of USA president John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917), at that time better known as Jack Kennedy, as described in ‘Solving the JFK Case‘. (more…)

Pateo Radio with Ole Dammegard

Pateo_RadioBroadcast of October 29, 2014: Conspiracies

The special guest for this live broadcast of Pateo Radio was Ole Dammegård (1958). His website is Light on Conspiracies.com. Ole is an award winning author, inventor, former journalist, and investigator. He has dedicated almost 30 years of his life to reveal many of the global conspiracies. His main focus has been finding out the real truth about the “assassinations” of John F. Kennedy (1963), Che Guevara (1967), Martin Luther King (1968), Robert F. Kennedy (1968), John Lennon (1980), Olof Palme (1986), and many others. He discovered strong links between all these (staged) assassinations. The very same power-hungry group seems to have used the same methods and even people for decades, for doing all their dirty jobs. In this episode of the Pateo Radio talk show, Ole and host Johan Oldenkamp talked about these methods and the strong links between all these assassinations. (more…)