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Pateo TV on The Real History of The Church

In this video, recorded on Sunday, February 26, 2017, all-round scientist and spiritual master Johan Oldenkamp reveals the real history of “The Church”, which includes also any any synagogue or mosque. This is a MUST WATCH video for anyone!

For more information on this, go to Pateo.nl.


Wholly Scripture TV : 4. Pistis

04_whollyscripturetv_pistisIn the video series of Wholly Scripture TV, Johan Oldenkamp presents the true meaning of various texts from the ancient writings commonly known as the “Holy Scripture”. Based on his understanding of Wholly Science, he is able to not only show the original wording, but also its Wholly meaning.

In this fourth episode of Wholly Scripture TV, recorded at October 26, 2016, the truth about Pistis is revealed, in relation to Sophia. Both Greek words were also the names of two goddesses of the Gnostics, Pistis being the goddess of Faith, and Sophia being the goddess of Wisdom. This fourth episode of Wholly Scripture TV proves the Gnostic origin of Christianity. (more…)

Stop feeding Archons

ArchonsIn 1945, in the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi, just north of Luxor, a jar was found containing 13 leather-bound books, including in total 52 texts. The pages of these original books were made of papyrus, and the texts were written in Coptic. Given the similarities with the current books of the Bible’s New Testament, originating form about the same era, many mistakenly believe that these texts would be Christian writings. The truth is that these are not Christian, but Gnostic scriptures. In fact, also the books of the New Testament were originally Gnostic writings, before these were “adjusted” by Christianity. Gnosticism is about true spirituality (meaning: true service to God), and is has nothing to do with Christianity. Click here to read the English translation of these unaltered Gnostic writings. (more…)