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The True Origins of Christmas

NicholasOn Monday evening December 14, 2015, former club and radio DJ Mark Devlin (1972) interviewed for his podcast named Good Vibrations Johan Oldenkamp on the true meaning of the feast that is commonly named “Christmas”. This is the text that Mark wrote to announce this Volume 74 of his potcast series: “A timely edition, as Dutch researcher and radio and TV host Johan Oldenkamp guests to discuss the myths, symbology and spiritual science behind the festival we know today as Christmas.

Johan reveals how the event represents a mixed bag of influences from European traditions, primarily anchored in the Winter Solstice. This was a time of worship for the ‘rebirth’ of the Sun, and led to the religious figures of Mithra, Horus, and most recently, Jesus, with the Sun/ Son of God having a double-meaning. The Roman Catholic church brought in Christianity to replace the Pagan traditions, keeping the dates the same to ease the transition. ‘Christmas’ also tied in with the popular Roman festival of Saturnalia. (more…)

Pateo TV #13: Wholly Science Applications

WS_ApplicationsThe twelve preceding episodes of Pateo TV showed the fallacies of the belief systems of both the universities and the religions. The only way to free ourselves from these erroneous beliefs is to ascend to a higher level of understanding. Wholly Science, being is the reunification of pure science and true spirituality, is the liberating paradigm that enables this ascension. In this thirteenth presentation show of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp presents a wide variety of applications of Wholly Science. (more…)

Pure Solar Lunar Calendar

Lunar_Solar_CycleBede (672 – 735) was an English monk at the monastery at Monkwearmouth and its companion monastery in modern Jarrow, County Durham, both of which were then in the Kingdom of Northumbria. He is well known as an author and scholar, and his most famous work entitled Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum (The Ecclesiastical History of the English People) gained him the title “The Father of English History”. His nickname was ‘The Venerable’, and therefore his Latin name became Bēda Venerābilis. Bede was a skilled linguist and translator, and his work made the early Latin and Greek writings much more accessible to his fellow Anglo-Saxons. Bede’s monastery had access to an impressive library. (more…)

Integrated Knowledge Domains

WhollySciencePillarsWholly Science integrated the following knowledge domains, alphabetically ordered:

Anthropology, Archaeology, Arithmetic, Astronomy, Ayurveda, Biology, Calendar systems, Chemistry, Cosmic Year Astrology (“Chinese Astrology”), Cosmology, Cymatics, Dietetics, Endocrinology, Enneagram, Etymology, Gematria, Geometry, Geometry, German New Medicine, Gnosis, Grammar, Harmonics, Herbal Medicine, Logic, Magic Squares, Martial Arts, Mathematics, Nine Star Ki Astrology (“Japanese Astrology”), Numerology, Philosophy, Physics, Planetary Astrology (“Western Astrology”), Psychology, Qabalah, Rhetoric, Sociology, Sufism, Tantra, Taoism, Theology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tzol’kin Astrology (“Mayan Astrology”)