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Solving the JFK Case (free e-book)

Solving_The_JFK_CaseWhile the mainstream media pretends that the JFK case was allegedly solved the very same day, alternative researchers are still debating on what really happened on November 22, 1963, at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. In a small booklet of only 28 pages, allround researcher Johan Oldenkamp, PhD, presents the final solution. This booklet is available as a free e-book, titled Solving the JFK Case. Simply fill in the contact form in order to receive it in your e-mail box.

In order to fully appreciate this explanation, some basic knowledge of Numerology is required, as for instance is explained in the sixth chapter of the Wholly Science texbook.

The name of the man who paved the way for finding the full solution to the JFK case is Miles Mathis via his paper of 80 pages titled The Hidden King(s).

If you have any information to share, related to the contents of this booklet on the solution of the JFK case, then please contact the author of this booklet.

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