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PateoPedia: The Wholly Encyclopedia

PateoPediaPateoPedia is the free online encyclopedia based on Wholly Science. PateoPedia includes the following categories: Definitions, Subjects, Salveology, Human (Pre)History, Litmus Tests, Major Events, Public Individuals, Wholly Wayshowers, Wholly Methods, Celestial Gods, Public Symbols, and Disinformers.

Each category has its own webpage .

link Definitions
link Subjects
link Salveology
link Human (Pre)History
link Litmus Tests
link Major Events
link Public Individuals
link Wholly Wayshowers
link Wholly Methods
link Celestial Gods
link Public Symbols
link Disinformers

The PateoPedia Papers are complement to these webpages :

  1. Sumerian Picture of Tiamat (pdf of 3 pages)
  2. Symbolism on the $1 Bill (pdf of 4 pages)
  3. Moon Landing Hoax Exposed (pdf of 5 pages)
  4. Electricity and Magnetism (pdf of 5 pages; still under construction)
  5. Origin of Matter (pdf of 4 pages; still under construction)
  6. Changing Constants (pdf of 1 page)
  7. Why Santa is white (pdf of 2 pages)
  8. Seven Years Cycle (pdf of 2 pages)
  9. Covert Invasion (pdf of 2 pages)