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Pateo TV on The Previous Equator

Nowadays, our home planet is tilted with about 23½ degrees. Before this current tilted position occurred, the equator was quite different from where it is now. In this 43rd episode of Pateo TV, Johan Oldenkamp, professor of archaeology at the Pateo Academia for Wholly Science (PAWS), takes you on a tour around the world in 80 images, exactly following the line of this previous equator. In this ancient sites-seeing tour, you visit Peru, Algeria, Khemit (Egypt), Jordan, Mesopatamia (Irak), Persia (Iran), Pakistan, India, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, Aneityum (Vanuatu), and Rapa Nui (Easter Island). On top of that, you also visit a mysterious island in the Atlantic Ocean that nowadays no longer exists.

As you can see in the embedded below video, all along this previous equator, there are find fascinating ancient sites. If you think of this as merely coincidence, then this video is not meant for you.

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