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Pateo TV on the 2017 3/22 False Flag Attack

The number 322 is on the logo of a secret society named “Skull & Bones”. The central cluster of the Georgia Guidestones in the USA was erected on 3/22 in 1980. In 2016, the 3/22 false flag attack occurred in the Belgian capital of Brussels. This year, in 2017, a 3/22 attack took place in the United Kingdom captial of London.

In this 38th episode of Pateo TV, its host Johan Oldenkamp clearly shows that it again was a false flag attack:

This is the story released by the mainstream media of what happened this afternoon: “An attacker drove a sports utility vehicle (SUV) into pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge, directly killing a woman and wounding about 40 others. He then crashed into a fence near the UK Parliament. Next, he attacked police officers with a knife, who then killed him. In total, five people lost their lives in the attack, including a police officer and the assailant.”

The name of the assailant was released later on, being Abu Izzadeen, who was born on April 18, 1975 as Trevor Brooks. We are told that he killed a police officer with a knife. However, both knives lying on the ground near him were spotless, as shown in the above episode of Pateo TV. This clearly shows that it was again an occult False Flag celebration of 322.

About 24 hours after the ending of this false flag attack, the mainstream media had to give the assailant another name, as the real Abu Izzadeen was still in prison, doing a two-year sentence since 2016. Therefore, in the offical version, the new name of the perpetrator became Khalid Masood, born on December 25th, 1964 in Kent, South East England. Hopefully he doesn’t have a valid alibi as well.

Episode 24 of Pateo TV, as embedded below, exposed the 2016 3/22 false flag attack in Brussels:

Source: Pateo.nl