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Pateo Radio with Andrew Johnson

Pateo_RadioBroadcast of July 1, 2015: Check the Evidence

The special guest for this broadcast of Pateo Radio was Andrew Johnson (1964). His website is Check the Evidence.com. Andrew Johnson grew up in Yorkshire, England and graduated from Lancaster University in 1986 with a degree in Computer Science and Physics. He has mainly worked in Software Engineering and Software Development, for most of the last 20 years. He has also worked full and part time in lecturing and tutoring (in Adult Education). Now, he works for the Open University (part time) tutoring and assessing students, whilst occasionally working freelance on various small software development projects. He became interested in “alternative knowledge” in 2003. He has given presentations and written and posted a number of articles on various websites about 9/11, chemtrails and anti-gravity research. Many of these can be found on his website. In this episode of the Pateo Radio talk show, Andrew and host Johan Oldenkamp mostly talked about the revealing evidence of 911. In this, Andrew mentioned, among others: Steven E. Jones (1949), Richard Gage, Los Alamos Laboratories, Judy Wood, Dr Judy Wood.com, John Kenneth Hutchison, the Hutchison Effect.com, directed energy weapons, fume (instead of smoke), and hurricane Erin.

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