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Numerological Analysis of Terror Attacks

omc2016In 2016, the Brussels terror attacks happened on March 22. In numbers, this date is represented as 3/22. In the Skull & Bones logo, there is the number of 322. And back in 1980, the central cluster of the Georgia Guidestones was also erected on 3/22. Is this all just coincidence? Or is there a hidden meaning waiting to be revealed in order to tell us the truth about what is really going on here? Another example: after 911 intermediate days, the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001 were followed by the Madrid terror attack of 3/11 in 2004. Adding up 2004 (2+0+0+4=6) and 3/11 also gives (6+3=) 9/11. Again, is this all just coincidence? In his Open Mind Conference 2016 lecture in the Danish capital Copenhagen, Johan Oldenkamp first gave a Numerology crash course, after which he then explained how the ones who are responsible for these terror attacks really think. For them, it is all about the application of Black Magic, and Numerology provides an essential ingredient for their murky practices.

In this second OMC lecture in Copenhagen, Johan built on his first OMC lecture of last year at the same location, which was about the The Original Ten Commandments.

Afterwards, he was again interviewed:

At the end of this Open Mind Conference 2016, Johan also again joined the OMC panel debate:


Also in 2017, a terror attack occured on 3/22: Pateo TV on the 2017 3/22 False Flag Attack