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Major Myths of Scientism


The “science” of the universities is in reality a dogmatic belief system called scientism. For anyone with an open mind, it sooner or later becomes crystal clear that this scientism is in reality both perverted and corrupted. Below, its major myths are busted:

  1. The Myth of Gravity
  2. The Myth of Evolution
  3. The Myth of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  4. The Myth of Carbon Dating
  5. The Myth of Thermodynamic Laws
  6. The Myth of Physical Constants
  7. The Myth of Continental Drift

These are all unproven theories or claims. In fact, these are all erroneous fallacies, as proven below.

The Myth of Gravity

In 1977, Bruce Eldridge DePalma (1935 – 1997) irrefutably proved that spinning balls climb higher and fall faster (link, link). In fact, in vacuum, a spinning feather falls faster then a slug. As university physics completely ignores this spinning effect, it ever since hushed this irrefutable fact.

Gravity in not a force of nature. Gravity is an effect, and not a cause! Wholly Science explains the cause of this gravitational effect.

The Myth of Evolution

In 1859, a book was published written by Charles Darwin (1809-1882) in which he described a theory about the origin of the different species on this planet. The essence of this theory is that species would evolve into other species in their struggle to survive. However, this so-called “evolution theory” is the greatest scientific blunder ever. The truth is that (external) evolution does not exist. There is not a single trace of evidence that supports this fictitious conviction.

Nature only knows adaption, and adaption only occurs within species. Adaption is always a response to a changing environment. There is no teleology in nature. All that life wants is to continue. Life forms only adapt, and never evolve. Only inner functions can evolve, like thinking. Wholly Science explains this inner, spiritual evolution of man. In the bigger picture, inner evolution always serves an external adaption.

The Myth of Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Due to the erroneous assumption that gravity would be the dominant force at macro level, scientism invented the existence of so-called “dark matter”. Clearly, this fictitious “dark matter” only exists in the science fiction world of scientism. And the very same is true for the non-existing concept of “dark energy”. By simply deleting these two absurd fictions, all the theories of scientism start to crumble. Wholly Science explains the whole of reality without these nonsensical concepts that most certainly do not exist.

The Myth of Carbon Dating

The element Carbon is in all living things, as it is a basic building block for the construction of organic material. The normal molar mass of Carbon is around 12, however there are a few Carbon atoms that have a molar mass of about 13, and even fewer that have a molar mass of about 14. The isotope Carbon-14 is manufactured in the upper atmosphere by the action of cosmic rays, causing a nitrogen atom to loose an electron and a proton. As Carbon-14 is not a stable element, it is radioactive and it therefore decays over time.

All organic material has decaying Carbon-14 in it. However, plants and animals that are still alive constantly replace the supply of carbon in their systems and so the amount of Carbon-14 in their system stays almost constant. Once a plant or animal dies, the Carbon is no longer being regenerated and so the Carbon-14 starts to decay. In this way, measuring the amount of Carbon-14 in an dead organic body gives an indication of the time of death. However, this method of Carbon-14 dating is completely unreliable, as it is influenced by:

  • the temporal change in timber activity
  • the changes in Cosmic ray intensity
  • short-term changes of solar activity:
  • changes in the mixing rate of the oceanic waters
  • variations in radiocarbon concentration depending on the geographical location and the tree species
  • variations in radiocarbon content resulting from decomposition processes
  • variations in radiocarbon content resulting from a specimen’s chemical processing
  • variations in the exchange reservoir radiocarbon content resulting from the washing out of carbonate rock formations
  • variations in radiocarbon content caused by large quantities of carbonates produced by volcanic eruptions

Therefore, all assumptions on the so-called “prehistory” on this planet are most likely wrong, as these are all based on unreliable Carbon-14 datings.

The Myth of Thermodynamic Laws

The so-called “first law of thermodynamics” (stating that energy can only be transformed, and never created nor destroyed) turns out to be only true for those systems that obey this “first law”. Clearly, this tautology is not at all a “law of nature”, as its “proof” is based on vicious circular reasoning. Similarly, neither the so-called “second law of thermodynamics” belongs to genuine science. This “second law” states that each isolated system always evolves towards maximum entropy (meaning: disorder). In reality, the total amount of energy in the universe is constantly increasing, creating less disorder! Both “laws of thermodynamics” are essential axioms of scientism, and both are proven fundamentally wrong, as Jonathan Tennenbaum, PhD (1950) elegantly explains in the speech that he gave at the Schiller Institute Conference on March 23, 1993:

The Myth of Physical Constants

In his briljant talk for TEDx Whitechapel in 2013 (which was later banned by TED), Rupert Sheldrake (1942) exposed the trick pulled by scientism in order to keep the so-called “constants” constant:

PateoPedia Paper No. 6 provides the background information for this video.

The Myth of Continental Drift

The theory of continental drift postulates that the upper tectonic plates are floating around the earth’s surface. This theory has been taken for granted by almost every academic scientist. This view implies that the continental plates are sliding underneath each other (so-called subduction). How could the bottom of the ocean sink away in an earth layer that has a density twice as big? So obviously, that can not be the case. The most evident fact that disproves this scientific madness, is the age of the oceans. Nowhere on this planet (with an estimated age of 4,5 billion years) we find a piece of ocean bottom that is older then 200 million years. In other words, up until that time (so up until about 200 million years ago) there were no oceans on this planet! This means that up until 200 million years ago all continents formed one sphere-shaped surface (during approximately 4,3 billion years as of the birth of our home planet, who is called Terra by Wholly Science).

Computer simulations support all this. In these simulations our planet in her current circumference slowly shrinks like some kind of a deflating balloon, and subsequently all coastlines fit practically perfect to one another, on a twice as small planet (as shown in the above video). Anyone who tries to determine this as a ‘coincidence’, simply has no idea what real science is, at which there is no place for the unscientific concept of ‘coincidence’ as a refuge for lack of understanding.

The real scientific truth is that the oceans grow bigger and bigger from the ocean rifts. The strongest growth currently takes place in the Indian Ocean. Moreover, also a new rift is growing in the East of Africa, where the next ocean will develop. With this real science we can explain as well why the water of the oceans is salt (and all other water is fresh). That is because the gases submerging from these rifts are full of Sodium and Chloride. Because every high school student knows the chemical formula of the most common salt, this argument speaks for itself.

By turning the continental drift theory upside down, than we get the real scientific truth. For the continents are not drifting at all, they are stuck. However, because the radius of this planet is slowly increasing, the spaces between the continents are getting larger. Up until approximately 250 million years ago the total sphere surface of Terra was only covered with land (the same as we still can see on for instance Venus). Nowadays, approximately 150 million square kilometers of land is part of a much larger water sphere, with a total surface of more than 510 million square kilometers. This means that nowadays 70,9 percent of Terra’s sphere surface has become water. Furthermore, this percentage will imperturbable keep growing. To be more precise, Samuel Warren Carey (1911 – 2002) proved in his book ‘The Expanding Earth’ that this growth goes even faster and faster.