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Good Vibrations Podcast on Sourcery

GoodVibrations_87On Monday afternoon, July 25, 2016, former club and radio DJ Mark Devlin (1972) interviewed for his podcast named Good Vibrations Johan Oldenkamp on the Wholly Science video course in general, and on Sourcery in particular. The text that Mark wrote to describe this Volume 87 of his potcast series is this: “Dutch scholar, author, public speaker and TV show host Johan Oldenkamp returns to Good Vibrations, talking all about the principles of Sourcery. This is the process of manipulating energy through Will and consciousness, in much the same way as the dark occultists currently running this world do, but with benevolent, love-based outcomes in mind, rather than enslaving, fear-based ones. Johan draws on his many years of research into the occult, metaphysics and the unseen realm to explain how the Sourcery process (emanating from Source Consciousness) can be used by any of us with the desire to tap into it. We reflect on how this process, applied on a mass basis, could be the ultimate undoing of the elite controllers. The conversation touches on other related areas, all with current, topical relevance.”

In his previous Good Vibrations volume (which was Volume 74), Johan explained the true origins and symbology of Christmas.


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