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Global Resonant Frequencies

Global_Resonant_FrequenciesWholly Science names the planet on whom we live Terra. Terra has her own main frequencies. When our individual main frequency resonates with one or more of these main frequencies of our Mother who art in the Earth, then we are in harmony with our habitat.

Scientism claims that these Global Resonant Frequencies, abbreviated as GRF, are a function of the alleged speed of light and the circumference of Terra. However, the problem with this claim is that the speed of light must be about five percent higher then its defined maximum, or otherwise the circumference of Terra must be about five percent smaller, in order to come up with the correct first global resonant frequency, which is 7.83 Hz. Although this calculation is off with just about five percent, it is off on the wrong side. All reasons given by scientism for this deviation only apply if the calculated ratio would have been greater then 7.83 Hz, instead of lower.

According to scientism, the alleged discoverer of this first global resonant frequency of 7.83 Hz was Winfried Otto Schumann (1888 – 1974). He was one of the German scientists who were brought to the USA via the top secret Operation Paperclip, immediately after the Second World War. As his formula was clearly inadequate, to name the GRF after him is an historic blunder. The true GRF discoverer was Nikola Tesla.

Although there are many factors influencing the GRF measurement, the following formula, created by Johan Oldenkamp, gives a remarkably good description of the GRF values (in Hz):


The commonly measured GRF values are: 7.83 – 14.1 – 20.3 – 26.4 – 32.5 – 38.8 – 45.0.

The GRF formula shown above gives as values: 7,83 – 14,04 – 20,24 – 26,44 – 32,64 – 38,84 – 45,04.

On top of that, the GRF formula also gives the value of the peak at start of most measurement graphs. The value of this zero peak is 1.63.

GRF Values are NOT increasing

Finally, New Age claims that the GRF values are rising. This assertion, however, is utterly false. Our wireless technology has created much more radiance frequencies, but Terra’s main resonant frequencies are still the very same. Next to parting from all false beliefs, it is about time that we start to examine the GRF as an electric phenomenon.