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First Lecture Series Explaining Wholly Science

Video_20110831Wholly Science combines the remarkable findings of modern science with the profound wisdom of ancient science. In the series of lectures shown below, Johan Oldenkamp explains the basics of Wholly Science. This series consists of seven parts: Part 1: Plato Revisited, Part 2: Forbidden Apple of Knowledge, Part 3: Dynamics of Time, Part 4: Mayan Calendars, Part 5: Nine Waves of Creation, Part 6: Source Code, and Part 7: Wholly Science. This first series on Wholly Science in English was recorded in the Dutch city of Oosterbeek, on August 31, 2011, by the team of Pateo Media International.

Part 1: Plato Revisited

This video explains the deeper meaning of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. The real-life world we perceive and detect around us consists of mere shadows, exactly like Plato described in his allegory. The real world is just an illusion. The Sanskrit word for illusion is ‘maya’. Nowadays, Quantum Mechanics starts to rediscover what Ancient Science already knew thousands of years ago: the ‘real’ world is just a holographic projection. This video shows that matter is projected energy. Unfortunately, modern science mistakenly confuses the shadows of energy with original (living) energy. To know what energy really is, we need to fully understand the teachings of Ancient Science.

Part 2: Forbidden Apple of Knowledge

This video reveals the secrets of the Forbidden Apple of Knowledge. This “Apple” represents the shape of infinitely spiraling energy. By understanding the spiraling dynamics of energy, the teachings of Ancient Science start to make sense.

Part 3: Dynamics of Time

Both time and space are illusions. These are dimension of the holographic projection we experience as the real world. It is the spiraling dynamics of energy that determine our experience of time. We experience three cycles of time: a daily cycle, a yearly cycle, and the longest cycle that lasts a Great Year, as Plato named it. This latter cycle is the Precession of the Equinoxes.

Part 4: Mayan Calendars

Nearly all Mayan Calendars track the dynamics of energy, instead of the shadow movement of matter, like the common calendar does. This video explains the energetic dynamics of the 13 tones of the Tzol’kin. It shows that these tones are the stages of each process of Creation.

Part 5. Nine Waves of Creation

The Pyramid of Kukulcan in the Mayan town of Chichen Itza in the region of Yucatán in the East of Mexico consists of exactly 9 levels. This video shows that these levels represent the nested Waves of Creation, each creating a higher level of consciousness.

Part 6: Source Code

The next two videos explain that the Source of Everything can be expressed in ciphers. By revealing that ciphers are the Source Code of the Whole of Reality, Wholly Science also includes Vortex-based Mathematics as developed by Marko Rodin, and later by Randy Powell as well. The presentation shown in these two videos can be considered an introduction to Vortex-based Mathematics.

Part 7: Wholly Science

This video integrates the presentations shown in the previous videos. It shows how Wholly Science combines the remarkable findings of modern science with the profound wisdom of Ancient Science.