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Definitions, Descriptions, and Explanations

definitionsThe following concepts are defined, described and/or explained below:

abiogenesis, Aeon, anarchy, antichrist, anthropos, apocalypse, Archon, Armageddon, astro, believe, Catholic, common sense, conspiracy, cover-up, Christ, crypto, disease, Doctor, dozen, Essence, Etymology, evil, Fair Talk, genesis, Geomancy, ghost, Gnosis, Gnosticism, Good, government, hexagram, Holy, homophones, Homophonology, Horus, Hour, human, individual, In Lak’ech, inorganic, liberal, life, Life Energy, monarchy, morphogenesis, mortgage, Muse, Namasté, non sense, NUP, obfuscation, occult, oligarchy, organic, orthodox, Pateo, patriotism, pentagram, person, petroleum, pharmacy, Philosophy, Pleistocene, psychopath, Qabalah, religion, respect, rex, rhetoric, saga, Salveology, Science, Soul, space, Spirit, Spirituality, Telestes, time, trivial, tropical, Wholly Science

abiogenesis the creation of an a-biologic life form (Acurus genus insects) by means of prolonged exposure to weak electric current
Aeon originating from Greek, originally meaning “life” or “being”, also means “age”, “forever”, or “for eternity”
anarchy a society without rulers; archon is Greek for “ruler”
antichrist state of consciousness of any man who denies or defies God
anthropos a Greek word meaning “human” or “man”
apocalypse revelation (from Greek)
Archon an inorganic creature that lives of negative life energy (link)
Armageddon hill of Megiddo (Palestine), symbolizing the end of times
astro star; from Greek: astron (star)
believe a word of 7 letters with in its center the word “lie”
Catholic from Greek: katholou, meaning “on the whole”
common sense a shared (common) perception (sense)
conspiracy from Latin: con (together) & spiro (to exhale, to blow)
cover-up a planned effort to hide an unlawful act or situation
Christ state of consciousness of any man who serves under God
crypto a Greek word meaning “hidden” or “secret”
disease a manifestation of the preparation or implementation of a NUP
Doctor from Latin: “teacher”
dozen a unity of twelve; from Latin: duodecim (twelve)
Essence an essential Force (being Earth, Air, Water, Fire, or Aether)
Etymology the study of the true meaning of words based on their origin
evil to be spiritually dead (meaning “denying or defying God”)
Fair Talk a method for open and conscious communication based on Wholly Science
genesis a Greek word meaning “birth”, “origin”, or “beginning”
Geomancy Spiritual Ecology, or the Wholly art of arranging harmonious structures; also known as Feng Shui (China) or Pungsu (Korea)
ghost see spirit
Gnosis a Greek word meaning “(higher) knowledge” or “insight”
Gnosticism the philosophy of liberation through insight
Good to be spiritually alive (meaning “serving under God”)
government mind control; from Latin: guberno (to control) & mentis (the mind)
hexagram a 2D star shape with six points, also know as the Seal of Sol.Om.Om
Holy from the Greek “Hagios” meaning “separated”
homophones words that sound the same but have different spelling and meaning
Homophonology the study of homophones
Horus actually Heru (ancient Egyptian), meaning “the One (U) who is Above (Her)”. Horus is this name in Greek.
Hour from Latin: hora (hour, time, or season); hora is also Greek
human a spiritual being having a physical experience
individual from Latin: individuus (undivided), meaning “an indivisible unity”
In Lak’ech a Mayan expression meaning “I am another version of you”
inorganic not containing hydrocarbon groups (also: anorganic)
liberal a free man; from Latin: liber (free or independent)
life the ability to self-organize as a response to the perceived environment
Life Energy a subtle flowing motion belonging to the in the 2D proto world (also named as Chi, Ki, Prana, Orgone, Vril, or Mana)
monarchy government by one (mono) Archon
morphogenesis creation of shape; from Greek: morphê (shape) & genesis (creation)
mortgage vow of a dead man; from French: mort (dead) & gage (pledge)
Muse to think or meditate on something in silence
Namasté derived from Sanskrit, literally meaning “I bow to the godlike in you”
non sense something we can not (non) perceive (sense)
NUP a Neuro-psycho-physiological Upgrading Program
obfuscation to darken, to dim (from Latin)
occult hidden; from Latin: occulere (to conceal)
oligarchy government by a few (olígos) Archons
organic containing hydrocarbon groups
orthodox derived from orthos (right or true) and doxa (opinion)
Pateo no longer hidden; from Latin: pateo (be open, be free)
patriotism a psychosis based on the illusionary division in man-made nations
pentagram a 2D star shape with five points
person from Latin: persona (mask); the legal term “natural person” is an unlawful “graven image”; neither is the personality the True Self
petroleum an a-biotic self-regenerating compound
pharmacy from Greek: pharmakia (“witchcraft”, “sorceries”, “work of the flesh”, “drugs”)
Philosophy from Greek: philosophia (love of wisdom)
Pleistocene Greek for “most recent”
psychopath from Greek: psyche (soul) and pathos (death)
Qabalah from Hebrew, literally meaning “how to receive”
religion bound again; from Latin: re (again, back) & ligare (to tie)
respect considered again; from Latin: re (again) & specto (to see)
rex a Latin word meaning “ruler”
rhetoric the art of attaining Wisdom; rhetor is Greek for “master”
saga heroic tale (Old Nordic historic story)
Salveology the Wholistic logic of being well (Salveo is Latin for “be well”)
Science the Whole of interrelated explanations
Soul the higher emotional center
space the experience wideness in time
Spirit the higher cognitive center
Spirituality the Whole of insights that enable to transcend oneself towards God
Telestes an aimed man; from the Greek telos (aim or goal); plural: Telestai
time the experience of sequence in space
trivial originates from the Trivium (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric)
tropical from Greek: tropikos (turn)
Wholly Science Reunion of pure Science and true Spirituality