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Anti-Natural Applications of Scientism

Anti_NaturalFar worse than the fake applications of scientism are the anti-natural applications of scientism. As explained below, these anti-natural applications include aerosol spraying, extremely-low-frequency radiation beams, geo-engineering, genetically modified organisms, wireless data transmissions, vaccinations, and other pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, these anti-natural applications are not only interrelated, they are also mutually reinforcing. (more…)

Faked Applications of Scientism

Nuclear_Bomb_HoaxThe two biggest hoaxes of the alleged application of cutting-edge science are first atomic weapons and second manned-moon landings. Weapons based on exploding atoms are an impossibility, and no manned space mission has ever been further away from our home planet’s surface then about 550 kilometers or about 350 miles. In fact, all alleged explosions of so-called nuclear weapons were staged, and the very same is true for all alleged trips to the moon Luna and back. (more…)

Major Myths of Scientism


The “science” of the universities is in reality a dogmatic belief system called scientism. For anyone with an open mind, it sooner or later becomes crystal clear that this scientism is in reality both perverted and corrupted. Below, its major myths are busted:

  1. The Myth of Gravity
  2. The Myth of Evolution
  3. The Myth of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  4. The Myth of Carbon Dating
  5. The Myth of Thermodynamic Laws
  6. The Myth of Physical Constants
  7. The Myth of Continental Drift

These are all unproven theories or claims. In fact, these are all erroneous fallacies, as proven below. (more…)

Why Wholly Science

In the Middle Ages, commoflat_earthn man believed that they lived on a flat disk. A ship that would get too close to the edge, would fall off, most people believed in those days. At that time, anyone who claimed that it was quite impossible to fall off of it, was considered completely mad. However, nowadays we know that our home planet is not at all a flat disk, but instead a sphere, of which no one can ever fall off.

Ptolemy_ModelNext, common man believed that our planet (named Terra) was at the center (of the universe), and that all other planets and also the sun (named Helios) orbited around Terra. That Terra-centered belief system became later known as the Ptolemaic system. At that time, anyone who claimed that Terra was not in the center, was considered a dangerous heretic. However, nowadays we know that it is definitely not our planet Terra which is in the center of our solar system, but instead the sun Helios. (more…)

What is Wholly Science?


Wholly Science is the Wholesome Reunion of Sane Science and Sound Spirituality.

  • University “science” is mostly an insane belief system named scientism.
  • Religious “spirituality” is mostly an unsound and indoctrinating control system.
  • Science without Spirituality is uninspired and exanimate.
  • Spirituality without Science is fantasy and ungrounded.

Wholly Science is founded by Johan Oldenkamp. His multilingual website is Pateo.nl, next to Wholly Science.org.

Wholly Science offers timeless and universal explanations for the whole of it all. Wholly Science explains and integrates the true wisdom of all ancient mystical scriptures with all modern-day understanding that is pure. Wholly Science offers solid explanations to all phenomena, both natural and man-made.

The backbone of Wholly Science is made up of the Seven Liberating Arts of ancient Greece:

  • Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric (together known as the Trivium: how to get basic understanding of reality: link)
  • Arithmetic, Geometry, Harmonics, and Cosmology (together known as the Quadrivium: how to get advanced understanding of reality)