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About PAWS



The Pateo Academia for Wholly Science, abbreviated as PAWS, is a virtual institute for the further development, dissemination, and application of Wholly Science. Are you an unbiased researcher of the Truth, then you are most welcome to become a PAWS affiliate. There are four types of PAWS affiliates:

  • Researcher (a.k.a. Professor)
  • Teacher
  • Promoter
  • Student

Researcher (a.k.a Professor)

PAWS Researchers (also known as PAWS Professors) are conducting open-minded research in multiple fields of study, and they publicly lecture about their findings. PAWS Researchers are free from any belief system, especially scientism and ‘new age’. PAWS Researchers are original thinkers that are pursuing practical applications of their innovative ideas.


PAWS Teachers are capable of explaining parts or the whole of Wholly Science to students.


PAWS Promoters promote Wholly Science to a larger audience.


PAWS Students study Wholly Science with an open mind.



Soon, the names of the PAWS Professors and Teachers will be listed on this webpage.