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About Pateo Radio

Pateo_RadioThe mission of Pateo Radio is to provide a platform for genuine seekers of the truth.

Pateo Radio is a weekly one-hour live talk show hosted by Johan Oldenkamp.

Pateo Radio has been broadcast over 100 times in either English or Dutch (and even once in German). The English-speaking guests who have appeared on Pateo Radio so far are (in alphabetic order of their first name):

FVRIn his Pateo Radio talk show, host Johan Oldenkamp by definition never argues with his guests. According to him, all guests have the right to freely express their own point of view, even if this view is contrary to that of the host. The fact that someone has guested at Pateo Radio does therefore not necessarily mean that Johan would endorse all opinions brought forward by this guest. We all (hopefully) walk our own path in our own manner at our own pace, but eventually we will all come to understand the Whole Truth. That is at least what Johan thinks.

Pateo Radio is live broadcast every Wednesday starting at 8 p.m. Central European Time via the internet radio station of Finding Voices Radio.com.

Click here to listen to a live broadcast of Pateo Radio.

Click here for the agenda of upcoming shows on Pateo Radio (on Pateo.nl).