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About Johan Oldenkamp

Johan_Oldenkamp (staand)Dr. Johan H. Oldenkamp was a professor of knowledge transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship at the Stenden Univerisity. In the autumn of 2008, he consciously resigned that appointment, in order to devote all his time, energy and savings to the further development of Wholly Science. Since then, he lives (by his own choice) without income from a job or unemployment benefit. Before his professorship, Johan worked as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Groningen, as a member of the scientific staff of the Dutch Telematics Institute, as a management consultant at Ernst & Young Consulting (and its successors), as a freelance trainer, teacher, consultant, and coach, and also as a martial arts teacher. Johan graduated in cognitive psychology. Next, he completed a postgraduate education in knowledge engineering, and he got a PhD for researching how to combine artificial intelligence heuristics with operations research algorithms.

Wholly Science

Johan has successfully reunified all pure sciences, all correct philosophies and all true spiritual teachings (including the truthful parts of each religion) into a logical whole that he named Wholly Science. Wholly Science integrates all knowledge concealed in ancient scriptures with all modern-day findings.


Due to his development of Wholly Science, Johan Oldenkamp became the Most All-Round Scientist Of This Age (MARSOTA). He is the author of almost forty books, of which about a quarter are in English (link).

Party Leader

Johan participated in the Dutch parliamentary elections of September 12, 2012 as the leader of a new political party called SOPN (link). Though Johan knows that we live in a sham democracy, he saw in campaigning an excellent opportunity to awaken more compatriots.

Mayan Calendar

In his work, Johan shows that the nine hierarchical Mayan calendars that he calls the Tzol’tun, of which the much discussed Long Count Calendar is at the sixth level, represents the leap-based ascension of consciousness (click here to see a video one hour in which Johan explains these nine levels). As the Powers-That-Be (or were) do whatever they can to suppress the ascension of humanity’s collective consciousness, the completion of the leaps to the two top levels have been seriously delayed. According to Johan’s research, the Tzol’tun ended on July 14, 2012, though the consciousness of the majority of people is still at level 7 (ego-based) or even below.

The Clock of Giza

Johan discovered that the Giza pyramids in Egypt together with the Great Sphinx form a kind of clock (or calendar). This clock represents the third dimension of time. Plato referred to this third dimension of time as the ‘Great Year’. It is also known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. The Clock of Giza shows that the 2012 was the end of the low-conscious Iron Age and the start of the higher-conscious Bronze Age. In three videos, Johan explains this remarkable Clock of Giza (link). Click here to read his paper of four pages about this discovery.

Oldenkamp’s Prime Rhythm

Johan’s first major scientific discovery was the reversed rhythm in the series of primary numbers. Click here to read his paper of three pages about this discovery, and here for a video of 8 minutes.

SCELTH: SCaled ELectrons THeory

In order to explain the subatomic shell structure of the electrons, Johan created the Scaled Electrons Theory (abbreviated as SCELTH) based on Wholly geometry. Click here to read a small book about this. Thanks to SCELTH, we can replace the rather irregular two-dimensional Periodic Table of the Elements with the perfectly regular three-dimensional Periodic Octahedron of the Elements.

Santa Claus

Johan’s most recent discovery is the true meaning of character of Santa Claus. This discovery is directly related to the true meaning of the annual celebration on December 25. Click here to learn more about this.

Direct Contact

Click here to directly contact Johan. In order to open that webpage, type in “Wholly Science” (without space and case sensitive) .